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Dream a dream, sow a song. Let words wrap, Let stories form. Be it the old man, the young guy, or the child in pram. As they wish a wish, they wish to be. As they see the sights, only they wanna see. As foil burns dark, their senses awake. As fresh as a brand new day. The newness sets before it’s dawned. The writer peddles himself for a song. As he sings without a crib for his child, you don’t listen. Now the days seem longer, Take too long to end. Take this life’s trajectory, All across the bend. The seer sees, but too close. The elephantine memory fades once more. History becomes legend, Legend fork lore. And the young man’s tale, a fable, to be told. Feeling scared asking your name; Don’t know which group you belong. It ain’t easy to pretend that you are one of us when you’re not. All the freedom that you need, is inside.. Free. Know that we’ve been so wronged. Know that we’ve been so right. Know that you have been a friend. Tonight, I'll fly So high.. All the freedom that you need, is inside.. Free.
Light 02:47
Oh, I see the light that's shining in the sky Know that you don't fear the rain Strange insights, life's got for me I'm always right, become a control freak
Say the words that you want me to hear. Say your will, cause you don’t have no fear. I need a friend to keep me warm. I need my sweet friend despair. Lay down, do what you do. Things you want me to. I need a friend to keep me warm. I need my sweet friend despair. I am fading. My child, I'm failing. I need a friend to keep me warm. I need my sweet friend despair.
Dazed and Confused is my mind, with thoughts of you Sweet lazy life, been leading for a while with thoughts of you. Seen dusk before, Now it's never alive. I have been too late again. I don't mind the emptiness. I wish that I could fly away. Or climb so high..
Fly Away 03:58
Blue moon is shining in the sky. It wants to come in but it’s blinding, the light. The old man wants me to lift him on my shoulder. The mountain's high, I just can’t seem to reach. I wish I'd, Fly away. Rainbows in the sky, can’t you see? All the colours that are there for you to feel. Bubbles in the brooks, Birds in the trees. The promised land is there, For me? Sometimes I, Fly away. I can’t seem to find the way from here. The old man’s left me, though it didn’t, then appear. The future’s uncertain, a certain calm prevails.
I am travelling to far off lands mistaken places I’ve been to. I am climbing the mountains of dreams. As you see the light - The different hues of colours you’ve often seen. See less clearly, you need to have a tunnel vision. I’m wishing, the moon beams travel far and wide and I see more. Oh! Look at the way she goes. Tear trails down my spine.. Down your face, I cried. You don’t believe when I say too softly. A little late A little lately Cause I’m still travelling Travelling
Little boy you've been dreaming too long, Don't you know I laid a path ahead for you. You're fooling with your fuzzy dreams, Aim higher. Don't you know I need you too.. Have I been wasting time? Born again, my little one You're squealing but I got a song for you. Go sleeping till you're fresh enough. Awaken now. You've got to face the blues. Have I been wasting time? Been wasting all my time on you Been hoping you would learn a trick or two. And now you're walking up to me You're saying you don't know if I have you. You?!
Puppets and paupers and the little boy who walks with them, Can you see? The ones who have, The ones who don’t, The ones who are one of us still waiting. You agree with much deceit with much belief with bits still churning. I declare, “Puppets and paupers is who we are It’s who we’ll be.” Can’t you see?
Holding inside my heart Melting away It’s time, I’m seeking Find me I’m lost again I’ve been waiting Losing my own kind I’m still hesitating What’s yours and what is mine Wishes I'm granting Don't you be this way This fame, this love I’m seeking Won’t it too go away I’m still home You’ve been near I’m still seeking But you, Disappear
As I stare across the room Rather long Feeling square As I look down at my toes Feeling soft Looking great And my memories stare right back again. A mellow day often ends the same. See? Again! Seems like time gets lost in space, So you know how far you’ll be. When I dream, I see strange lands, Strange lands I need to see for me. Wishing wells are drying up the lands are parched there is no hope You see, There’s no "me". Open window, rain comes in You feel alone You’ve got no one to blame. Say it to me. And the temple bells still chime The little boy is left in his little world.
Away 03:07
Hey, I’am a little bit of trouble Know you’ve been so patient So I should just go ahead and say. This, won’t go on forever And I will change my measure Whisper any other way. Run, far away. I’ll be that way if you let me remain. Still remember the time, You had said you’d never leave. Advices washing down my ear, and I say, let me think again, On my own.
Shotgun 03:35
Shotgun Was another Sunday afternoon in bed, But things were never gonna be the same again. He had come in with a shotgun in his hands, He kissed her, and she never lived again. Mmmmm Grew up together having fun , darting stones. Still water forming circles which would shape the way they’d grow up to be. Ragged dolls with broken heads were their only friends. Their cold eyes never showed a trace of innocence. Mmmmm I can remember waiting, watching the world change before my eyes. All the scars that you gave me. I treasure them dearer than my life. Mmmm
Home 02:32
Home. Mother, “ I’am waiting, I'm patient. You’ve been so late, I’am alone.” Son, “You’ve been gone too long, I’ve been waiting. Say that you’ll be home again soon.” Home.(is where I’ll be) Home . It’s been raining shadows, The sun’s out, It’s clear enough for me to see the light, And I know it’s right for me to be moving on. I’ve been losing the battles I’am playing with my mind. I need to let it go. Let it go. Move on. Home (I’ll sing a song , I’ll write a tune) Home


released March 6, 2006

all songs composed and produced by menwhopause (sarabjit chadha, ip sing, randeep singh, anup kutty, rahul chatterjee)
recorded by nitin sidhu (plug and play studio, new delhi)


all rights reserved



menwhopause New Delhi, India

menwhopause is a band based out of new delhi, india.

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